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As a photographer and filmmaker, Ryan Greene specializes in visual storytelling through digital media and content creation.

His company, Ry-G Shot It, produces premium-quality feature films, television programs, brand films and documentaries, video content for online courses and social media, promotional videos, plus live event and brand photography.

Programs/Services Include:

Feature Film Anthology Production: Book anthologies are a powerful business building tool, but let's be honest- the model is pretty dated. Stand out in the marketplace and provide a industry-disrupting platform for your tribe by offering a feature film anthology project instead of a book anthology. 

Course Content Creation Weekend: Spend the weekend in a professional studio/location creating and filming video content for your online course, your signature webinar, your promo videos, and get professional headshots. Walk away with your entire course and marketing content in just one weekend.

Beyond The Book Visual Storytellers Series: Have you written a book and looking for new ways to reach larger audiences and set yourself apart from every other author? Turn your book into a Hollywood-style brand film with your own micro-documentary as part of the Beyond The Book Visual Storytellers Series and broadcast to over 440+ million homes.

Media Magic Brand Shoot: People may not judge a book by its cover, but they will definitely judge you by your online presence and branding. Get your professional brand photoshoot and promo video filmed to increase your social authority and start charging like the pro you are.

For more information and to schedule a production call, click here.

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