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Six-Figure Book Writing & Marketing Master Class

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Make 2020 the year you write YOUR book! Register for the next Six-Figure Author Mastery Book Writing and Marketing Master Class.


You've been struggling to complete your book for years with no publish date in sight. You've been going at this book publishing thing all alone and continue to run into stumbling block after stumbling block. Ryan has been there and he wants to help you finally get your book published!

Learn the successful system Ryan C. Greene has used for 15 years to become a bestselling author and top-rated author coach. This two-day master class promises to give you everything you need to successfully complete and market your book THIS year. The best part? There's a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't walk out with your book plan and/or marketing strategy, you get your money back!

On Day One, you will get everything you need to finally write your book. Day Two is all about marketing and maximizing the value and revenue of your book's content. Come for one day or register for both!


DAY ONE: BOOK WRITING MASTERY: How To Write Your Best Seller In 3 Days


Ryan will walk you through the entire book writing process. You will begin writing your book in the class and leave with your book 80% done!


In the Writing Master Class you will:

  • Develop compelling book and chapter title

  • Map put your entire book outline

  • Develop your teaching stories and lessons for each chapter

  • Learn how to optimize your book for social media success

  • The formula to completing your book in just three days

  • Explore and determine your best publishing and distribution options

  • Create a draft book covers that sell

  • Schedule your book release date and develop your launch plan

  • And so much more


DAY TWO: BOOK MARKETING MASTERY: How To Turn Your $20 Book Into A Six-Figure Revenue Machine


Learn how to build an entire profitable product suite from your one book. Writing the book is Step 1, but maximizing the revenue and value of your book is Step 2.


In the Marketing Master Class you will:

  • Build your  six-figure product matrix based on your book

  • Learn why becoming a "bestselling" author shouldn't be your goal and how to become a "best revenue" author

  • Learn all the money-making automation systems used to maximize book sales

  • Learn how to generate your signature talk based on your book

  • Develop your social media collateral, marketing plan, and schedule

  • Develop your 90-day book launch plan

  • Receive media training to make you a great guest on radio and TV

  • And so much more



Enrolling NOW for February 21-22, 2020.

Only TWELVE (12) seats available.