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Re-ignite Your Fire Within And Make A Living Doing What You Love, By Building Passion-Driven Revenue Streams 

If your favorite part about going to work, is getting off of work, it's time for you to become a PASSIONPRENEUR!

"Hold your hand on your belly. Do you feel that? Press harder. No? Nothing? Do you remember when there used to be a fire there? When a burning desire inside of you that drove your every action once resided in the depth of your belly? Remember that feeling? All that’s left now is the smoldering ruins of what used to be your purpose, passion and dreams. The raging inferno that once fueled your life was left to become but a dim flicker and you’ve settled for a life of “good enough”. What happened? Where did your fire go? Why did you let it die? More importantly, how do you re-ignite it?”  ~From The Introduction of Becoming A Passionpreneur


In the third installment of the “Purpose, Power, Passion” Series, Ryan C. Greene takes you on a journey towards rekindling your passion, reclaiming your purpose, and reviving your dreams! Becoming A Passionpreneur will show you how to re-ignite your fire within and begin making a living doing what you love, by building profitable passion-driven revenue streams WITHOUT having to quit your job.



  • The 9 business myths that are keeping you broke

  • How to re-ignite your fire within

  • How to monetize your passion without quitting your day job

  • How to transform your expertise into marketable content

  • How to develop the mindset of a passionpreneur

  • The 7 secrets to creating passion-driven revenue streams

  • How to build your Passionpreneur Roadmap and Product Matrix

  • And so much more

Re-ignite Your Fire Within And Get Paid For What You KNOW

By Building Passion-Driven Revenue Streams. 


Hardcover Retail $24.99
Web Special $21.99


"This project is going to challenge you to tap into areas within yourself you have placed on the back burner for too long."

DR. WILLIE JOLLEY, Hall of Fame Speaker

“Ryan possesses the uncanny ability to synthesize complex topics and issues of our day, into relatable constructs and experiences. His approach truly resonates with audiences on all levels and is proven to be highly transferable across all platforms.”

JARRED HUGLE, Vice-President, Supply Chain, Domino’s Pizza, Inc.


“Being successful in business has just as much to do with your thought process as it does with the actual business. This book is the one place to go for the blueprint on how to get past your biggest hurdle, your own self-doubt, and  to turn your passions into a business.”

CRAWFORD MICKEY McGILL, NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial

"Ryan is always one of the first people I call whenever I am launching a new project. His creative vision always takes my ideas to a more profitable level."

Dr. Katrina Ferguson, CEO, FIG Publishing, Inc.

“The entrepreneurial journey can be lonely and discouraging. This book provides that journey with a source of inspiration; almost like a pocket size cheerleader and coach.”

SABIN PRENTIS, Executive Publisher, Fielding Books


“Ryan truly personifies what it means to be a leader. When I started my consulting practice, he was one of the first people to give me a platform to sharpen my skills as a speaker. I owe much of my success today to the lessons I learned from Ryan.”

MIKE POWELL, VP Organizational Development & Training, Powell Consulting Group


"Ryan is an irrefutable force in the self-development industry. He has stood the test of time... any literary or auditory offering from him will catapult you to your unique greatness.”

MATTHEW C. HORNE, Motivational Speaker & Executive Publisher, Lightning Fast Book Publishing


“Ryan and his brand is the epitome of Passion. It doesn't matter what he does- he is the real deal!”

SIR CHARLES CARY, International Trainer, Speaker & Best Selling Author of

Radiate the Brain & Change the Game!