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As the visionary founder of GreeneHouse Media, Ryan C. Greene, "The Passionpreneur", has carved a niche for himself in the visual media and leadership development industries. Whether he's gracing the stage in front of thousands, captivating audiences over the airwaves, or sharing his wisdom through the pages of his 11 bestselling books, Ryan is the go-to authority for leaders, speakers, and authors seeking to master, magnify, and monetize their unique message through the power of visual media. His focus is on producing and directing premium-quality, impactful, and entertaining visual media platforms that empower leaders and brands to 10x their influence, impact, and income by effectively conveying their stories through media.

One of Ryan's most remarkable creations is the Born To Be Dope® Brand, a groundbreaking fusion of hip-hop and personal development that spotlights the stories and voices of our culture's most influential leaders and influencers. This dynamic brand encompasses visual mixtapes in the form of feature films, enriching audiobooks, lively conferences, a captivating TV show, a thought-provoking podcast, and a distinctive clothing line that celebrates the art of being unapologetically great at being yourself. Ryan's ingenious work has garnered recognition on major media platforms such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The Washington Post, and various other esteemed outlets.


With humble beginnings as a book publisher in 2005, Ryan's journey has led him to author 11 impactful books. In addition to his impressive literary contributions, he has founded Beyond The Book, a cutting-edge author marketing strategy company. This venture is dedicated to helping independent authors seamlessly publish, promote, and profit like seasoned professionals. Ryan's expertise now extends to bringing authors' books and wisdom to life on screen through his renowned Beyond The Book Visual Storytellers Series and conference.

Away from the spotlight, Ryan resides in Maryland with his beloved wife, Tyneka, and is the proud father of two accomplished adult children, Jordan and Jayden. His commitment to empowering others to share their stories and make a positive impact continues to be the driving force behind his work, ensuring that he remains a prominent figure in the world of visual media and personal development.

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