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by Ryan

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Ryan's 10th book is his culmination of 15 years of serving clients and improving lives in the personal development space. In his newest release, MAKE IT MATTER!, Ryan and 16 featured authors, give a declaration to readers to create a life that matters.

Ryan shows readers how to stop settling for less than you want in life and to commit to making everything you do serve two main purposes:

  • to create an unforgettable impact in the lives of others

  • provide you abundant fulfillment in anything you do. 

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Re-ignite Your Fire Within And Make A Living Doing What You Love, By Building Passion-Driven Revenue Streams 

If your favorite part about going to work, is getting off of work, it's time for you to become a PASSIONPRENEUR!

"Hold your hand on your belly. Do you feel that? Press harder. No? Nothing? Do you remember when there used to be a fire there? When a burning desire inside of you that drove your every action once resided in the depth of your belly? Remember that feeling? All that’s left now is the smoldering ruins of what used to be your purpose, passion and dreams. The raging inferno that once fueled your life was left to become but a dim flicker and you’ve settled for a life of “good enough”. What happened? Where did your fire go? Why did you let it die? More importantly, how do you re-ignite it?”  ~From The Introduction of Becoming A Passionpreneur


In the third installment of the “Purpose, Power, Passion” Series, Ryan C. Greene takes you on a journey towards rekindling your passion, reclaiming your purpose, and reviving your dreams! Becoming A Passionpreneur will show you how to re-ignite your fire within and begin making a living doing what you love, by building profitable passion-driven revenue streams WITHOUT having to quit your job.



  • The 9 business myths that are keep you broke

  • How to re-ignite your fire within

  • How to monetize your passion without quitting your day job

  • How to transform your expertise into marketable content

  • How to develop the mindset of a passionpreneur

  • The 7 secrets to creating passion-driven revenue streams

  • How to build your Passionpreneur Roadmap and Product Matrix

  • And so much more

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52 Weekly Leadership Lessons On Becoming The Leader Others Will Beg To Follow 

In a world clamoring for authentic, impactful leadership, Ryan C. Greene's "Leadership University" emerges as a transformative guide to unlocking your innate ability to inspire, influence, and innovate. With over 25 years of leadership development under his belt, Ryan has compiled decades of wisdom into 52 actionable lessons, making the art of leadership not just accessible, but a thrilling journey of self-discovery.

Each week, you're invited to explore a new facet of leadership. From mastering the art of decision-making to nurturing unshakeable integrity, from fostering inclusivity to leading with empathy, "Leadership University" covers the spectrum of qualities that define truly great leaders.

Whether you're a budding leader at the outset of your journey or a seasoned executive seeking to better connect with your team, "Leadership University" offers a structured path to excellence. With real-world applications, reflective exercises, and inspirational anecdotes, this book isn't just about becoming a leader others will beg to follow-it's about redefining impact leadership for the 21st century.

Step into the role you were born to play. Transform your vision, your team, and ultimately, the world around you. Welcome to "Leadership University". Class is in session.

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12 Essential Elements For Your Greatest Comeback Ever


"What do you do when you are fed up with the cards you've been dealt in life? You either fold and surrender or you accept that maybe it's not the cards you've been dealt that's the problem, but rather how you have played those cards. You either go on blaming every other person, place or thing for your dissatisfaction or you look in the mirror and accept the fact that you are staring at your biggest problem."


The moment you accept that the key to you living a better life hinges on you taking responsibility for creating a better YOU is the moment you will begin to experience the fullness God has purposed for your life. Create A Better YOU! gives you 12 Essential Elements in your life to begin improving upon in order to develop yourself into a person worthy of and ready for your best life. From creating a better CONNECTION to creating a better STORY, Ryan Greene opens up and shares, through his customary transparent story telling, his keys to how you can create a better you and thereby create a better YOU in this easy to read book.

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19 Keys To Unlocking The Successful Person You Were Designed To Be

In Book One of Ryan C. Greene's "Purpose, Power, Passion Series", Success Is In Your Hand is your handbook for reaching your full potential, fulfilling your purpose and developing yourself into the successful person God designed you to be. This book is full of 19 easy to learn concepts that can quickly be applied to help you excel in your personal and business life. The book also includes a 21-Day Workbook Companion which takes you through each key to unlocking your success.

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