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Born To Be Dope [Episode 5 - First Class Life Show - Ryan C. Greene]

Born To Be Dope [Episode 5 - First Class Life Show - Ryan C. Greene]

Ryan C. Greene discusses his journey of losing everything and giving up before finding his purpose in life and business. Key Points: • Having a vision for your life • The importance (and hindrances) of being intentional • You were born to be your dope, authentic self • Persevering through obstacles • The lonely side of leadership • Navigating dead relationships and positive relationships • Telling your story through media • Finding & fostering connections GUEST LINKS • Schedule a free consultation by texting the word “LINDSEY” to (614) 333-0338 • Website: • Summit Website: • Instagram: • Facebook: • LinkedIn: ABOUT THE GUEST Ryan C. Greene - America's #1 Impact Leadership Strategist. Training Leaders How To Leverage Their Unique Skillsets & Talents To Deliver Unforgettable Impact, Maximize Performance, And Create A Legacy That Matters! The world has more than enough sorry leaders. Don't you be one of them! Whether via a stage in front of thousands, over the radio and television airwaves, or through one of his many bestselling books, “The Passionpreneur” Ryan C. Greene is a market leader in developing top-performing leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs. As an Impact Leadership Strategist, Ryan specializes in developing organizational leaders to create unforgettable impact, maximize team and individual performance, and build lasting legacies within their organizations. FCL LINKS • Download a complimentary “Take Action Guide” at • For bonus videos & resources, join the private FCL community at • Shop FCL products at • Follow on Instagram: • Visit the FCL website at • To inquire about hiring Lindsey Vertner for speaking, visit • To access a case study video and apply for coaching, visit ABOUT THE HOST In 2007, a “fatal” car wreck left Lindsey Vertner brain-dead and paralyzed. Medical experts were amazed at Lindsey’s miraculous recovery. She uses her unparalleled perspective to push her clients toward success in their personal and professional lives. Lindsey’s expertise teaches female entrepreneurs and leaders how to master their mindset and increase their self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline (the “3 Pillars of Self”). As an award-winning peak mindset expert, transformational speaker, and multi-time Amazon #1 best-selling author, Lindsey’s mission is to teach women around the world how to create their First Class Life® full of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. Her unique techniques empower women to fully maximize their potential by walking in their God-given purpose and increasing their clarity, confidence, connections and cash-flow. With a master’s in Professional Counseling, Lindsey is a graduate of both Indiana and Liberty Universities.


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